Update: I lied

So yeah, remember when I said I would have a new blog post up by the end of the week? That was a dirty, dirty lie. I lied to you. To your face even. If you don’t want to be friends anymore, that’s cool. I’ll totally understand.

Wellp, I spent very little time near my computer this past week, so blogging and any attempts at blogging didn’t happen. ~**However**~, I did come to some half-conclusions about how I’m going to run shit on this here blog thing. I’ve decided that Sundays will be a day on which, in addition to any other blog posts that might magically show up sporadically some time during the week, I will upload a new poem to my Poetry pages. This will give me some semblance of a schedule to follow, and also allow me to partake in some good old fashioned narcissism and force you to look at some things I wrote down on my phone a piece of real paper once upon a time. FuuuunnnNNnN. So yeah. There are now five poems that you can peruse at your own risk, the two most recent ones being this thing and this other thing.

Hurray for doing work without actually doing work! Pay no attention to the lazy asshole behind the curtain.


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