Update: Look mom, no hands!

Hola! Just a small update for y’all today.

Remember that time I complained about procrastination and/or being lazy? Well, I’ve found a solution to that! Who knew you could schedule posts to publish WHENEVER THE FUCK YOU WANT THEM TO?!? This means I now no longer have to a) remember to post something I’ve already written and am waiting for the opportune moment to publish or b) publish more than one post in one day because I get way too excited about how motivated I am and then just end up setting myself up for failure in the future. HUZZAH. So, hopefully my blogs will be published on a more regular basis starting today!

Also, since I forgot to mention it last week (surprise surprise), I have two new poems up! “Tape and String” is last’s weeks update, and today’s is To A Mother. Thanks for hanging in there, folks! Xoxo.


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