“I’m Pretty but Tough, Like a Diamond… Or Beef Jerky in a Ball Gown”

Some thoughts on “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” and all of its awesomeness.

titus gif 1 titus gif 2

Hey Friends! So unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last little while, you’ve probably heard about this new show on Netflix “Unbreakbale Kimmy Schmidt.” Let me just start by saying that, when I decided to join my roommate in watching this show, I had just recently binged all episodes of “The 100” (which you should also watch if you like post-apoc sci-fi young adult fun with some girl-on-girl action and some really pretty people and some subtle comments on how fucked up society can be) and was still reeling from how it left off. So, needless to say, I wasn’t looking for commitment when Kimmy came along and stole my heart. You guys, this show is literally my life and I can’t even. -she said wearing her absurdly large blanket scarf while drinking her grande vanilla latte from starbucks-

If you’ve missed out on the Kimmy Schmidt bandwagon thus far and need some convincing to start your next Netflix binge, here are some reasons why this show is absolutely the shit, brought to you by a series of informative GIFs (cuz apparently that’s all I use in my blogs these days…).

It does not fuck around when it comes to satirizing how ridiculous society is. 

kimmy pic 1

kimmy gif 7 kimmy gif 8

titus gif 5

I mean, come on. It’s so rare to find a TV show that doesn’t bash you over the head with its self-reflexive hammer. I think part of its charm is its ability to be light hearted and almost child-like, while still being super relevant and current and satirical about all of life’s little bullshitty bits.

The lessons about feminism and all the empowered women and the “I don’t need no man to survive” attitudes are FUDGING AWESOME. 

kimmy gif 3

kimmy gif 2

kimmy gif 6

kimmy gif 4 kimmy gif 5

YAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSS. Seriously, we need more shows like this.

All those times that Kimmy and Titus just fucking get it

kimmy gif 1 titus gif 4

titus gif 10 titus gif 11


Also, if nothing else, this song makes everything else irrelevant:

Le Fin.


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