Update: Today is Sunday

Soooo yeah. I didn’t do any blogging this week. 😀


Now that that’s off my chest, LOOK I CHANGED THE LAYOUT!!1! New background, header, and logo! I’m trying to make this thing look like it’s run by an actual adult person, not a twenty-something student who likes pretty colours and symmetrical lines. Trying. Also, I have three poems for y’all! “Haiku for a Dream” and “Haiku for a Hero” are last week’s, and “Your Poem” is today’s!

Between finishing off the semester, making $$$, and getting ready for a trip, I won’t be very active for the next week or so, so bear with me friends xoxo.

Aside: The quote in my header image is from the wonderful and contemporary poet Robert M. Drake. He’s known for his Typewriter Poetry, and for giving words to those who have loved, lost, and been misunderstood in the most beautiful and heart breaking way. If you’re interested, here is his Etsy, where you can browse any of his works for sale! Also, this is a Tumblr blog dedicated to posting quotes of his poetry, for some light perusing. Basically, he’s the shit.


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