Breaking News! Also, WTF?

The other night I was out for drinks with friends and, as usual, there was a TV on the wall opposite of me that had some news channel on (also, what kind of bar shows national news at 10:30 at night? What happened to men running around with sticks and balls and stuff?). I paid very little attention to what was happening on screen, as I normally do when something depressing like the news is on, but I did happen to glance up and see the last couple seconds of a story with the headline, “Can Middle Aged Actresses Be Sexy?” Umm…. Pardon? I’d like to know which old white man came up with that segment.

Good question….

actress 1

Umm…. Hmm……

actress 3

Gee, I don’t know…

actress 4

Not sure if…

actress 5

…these women can be sexy…

actress 6

…or if they’re too old…

actress 7

Wow yeah totes not sexy.


Let me also add that all of these women have previously been categorized by some as “unfeminine;” almost all of them have played roles in films and TV shows that place them in positions or jobs normally considered to be “male” professions (i.e. Grey’s Anatomy, Madam Secretary, etc.); NOT TO MENTION how hard it is for women to find equal pay and equal opportunity in the workplace, let alone in the entertainment business, so for these gyals to be killin’ it like they are is pretty fucking sexy if you ask me. SO YEAH. In conclusion, I think middle aged actresses can be sexy and everyone should just mind their own fucking P’s and Q’s, thanks very much.



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