Some Mildly Irritating Things That Annoy The Absolute F*&% Out of Me

annoyed gif 1

  1. Walking into a room and immediately forgetting what you were going to do.
  2. When there’s that one stray hair that’s tickling you but you can’t find it.
  3. Being interrupted.
  4. Being interrupted and then being told not to interrupt.
  5. People who smack their gum.
  6. People who don’t rinse their dishes.
  7. Doors that won’t close all the way.
  8. Wanting to use a pencil but only having pens.
  9. Monkeys dressed as people.
  10. When your eyeliner is too short to sharpen, but long enough still that it would be wasteful to throw it away.
  11. “Exchange or Store Credit Only” return policies.
  12. When Netflix goes all pixel-y.
  13. When people don’t close drawers or cupboards all the way.
  14. Wobbly chairs/tables.
  15. People who stand on the down escalator.
  16. When someone uses the possessive incorrectly.
  17. People who walk too slow.
  18. People who try to skip the line.
  19. When you’ve done the dishes and you find a dirty cup in another room.
  20. Ads in iPhone games.
  21. The person on the streetcar who won’t move over to open up the empty seat.

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