10 Haiku About Being a Grad Student

Poetry about being a graduate student in five, seven, and five-syllable lines.

I don’t even know…

tired gif 1

Today i am tired.

Tomorrow i will be tired.

I am still so tired.


How do i research?

How do i research this thing?

How do i even….


Coffee is my friend

‘Cause i have been up all night

Writing this garbage.


Oh, you’ve heard of him?

Don’t know who the fuck he is…

Can someone tell me?


I haven’t started.

You’ve started yours already?

‘Scuse me while I cry.


Six thousand words left

Before i can have a life

And sleep all day long.


Five glasses of wine

Makes me think I’m a genius…

So so so so wrong.


Writing essays sucks

But waiting days for your grade

Is totally worse.


My supervisor

Wanted my first chapter done

Like three weeks ago…


I missed the deadline

For summer OSAP funding…

How will I buy wine?



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