I am a grown up and sometimes I use grownup language. If you are easily offended, close your eyes when you read my profanities, and please don’t take anything I ever say personally. (If you are a parent or grandparent or relative of mine, please do not judge me I promise I am a good person most of the time.)

I will never use anyone’s real names in my posts. If I reference real people, I will always use made-up names like Karen or Lance or Rick or something. If your name happens to be Karen or Lance or Rick or something, that is just an unhappy coincidence. Sorry.

All content on This Are Blog, unless otherwise specified by me (and I will always explicitly specify whenever I am borrowing someone else’s genius), belongs to me and if you want to be friends you will not steal it from me nor will you claim it as your own. If you want to use my stuff (not that you’d ever want to), simply give me credit, and I’ll reconsider stapling your knee to your forehead. Much love xoxo


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